Saturday, October 1, 2011

Filling in the blanks...

A fill-in-the-blanks, stolen (with permission, of course) from Jocelyn

I have lots of things I want to post about, but haven't taken the time to sit down and actually put those thoughts into coherent blog-post, to create *some* activity on here, I'll do this every once in a while. :)

Date: Saturday, October 1, 2011

Time:8:12 p.m.

Thought/Quote/Verse/Idea for the day: "We are shaped and fashioned by what we love."-Goethe

I got up at: Got up or woke up? I guess I technically didn't get up till 8:30....a.m., of course.

I am listening to: The newly-released episode of Adventures in Odyssey.

I most recently ate: Dinner: Chicken, fruit salad, fries (sweet potato and regular) 

I am currently working on: Schedules for my after-school Bible clubs that are starting next week

Comfort food/beverage at the moment: Leftover apple cake from Rosh Hashanah

I am looking forward to: Sleeping. :P And all the things that are beginning this coming week. :)

I am reading: A very random assortment of books: 'Broke' by Glen Beck, 'Jerusalem Interlude' by the Thoenes, 'Authentic Beauty' by Leslie Ludy,

I am memorizing: 1 Corinthians

I am thinking: About too many things to condense into one answer.

Plans for the day: Shopping and lunch with dear friends...obviously, that already happened today. This evening, I'm dealing with a bunch of little but necessary things.

In my hair: A messy bun

Most recently wrote: A journal entry

I am thankful for: Friends, thrift stores, my family, autumn, bed time, God's grace

I am wearing: a denim skirt, a teal t-shirt and a black hoodie

Latest gift listed in my notebook: Daddy's wise counsel (This was from yesterday--I haven't written my gifts for today yet.)

Christian self-help book I am currently reading: Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy

My surroundings: The newly re-done computer area in our upstairs hall

I am craving: A pile of warm blankets, my journal and Bible, and some peppermint oil

I should be: Working on those schedules...

Tomorrow I will: Go to church in the morning, then either watch the Packer game at my Grandma's house or come home and work on other things

Book I am contemplating reading next: 'Over the Gate' by Miss Read

Random fact about myself: I'm an obsessive-compulsive list-maker

The weather is: Chilly but clear--first rain-less day all week!

Any library books at the moment: A few

Movie(s) I watched within the week: Courageous! :D

Indignant about: Nothing at the moment

Random movie/book quote that's running through my head: Hm....not a specific quote, but a few scenes from Courageous...("And maybe even...a milkshake!", "Do you have problems with your kidney?" " you?")

Scratchy pen or smooth pen: Smooth

Last thing I threw away: Um...a tissue?

Last book I bought/received: When dreams come true and When God writes your love story by the Ludys, both found at the thrift store today

I am wondering: When I'll stop procrastinating and get going on schedules so I can go to bed. :P

Song stuck in my head:
Courageous (noticing a theme?)

Most recent crazy plan: Wouldn't you like to know? :D

Under the clip: A whole mound of papers I need to sort through.

Random English Word: Hornswaggle. Even though my dictionary doesn't recognize it...:)

I learned today: That I am blessed beyond comprehension. Oh, wait--I already knew that!

Picture-thought: If you haven't seen it yet, go see it. 

'Till next time...

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