Friday, August 10, 2012

Filling in the blanks

Life is so crazy right now, as usual, and of course my poor blog is among the first things to be neglected...I'm attempting to back up pictures at the moment, and thought I'd get something up at least. So, without further ado: 

Date: Friday, August 10, 2012

Time: 10:47 p.m.

Thought/Quote/Verse/Idea for the day: "A new condiment I give unto you..."-John 13:34, as read by a 10-year-old girl at a 5-day club last week. I love children. :)

I got up at: 7:00 a.m.

I am listening to: Absolutely nothing at the moment. I have an episode of the Dick Van Dyke show paused, though.

I most recently ate: A s'more.

I am currently working on: Too many things, I think.

Comfort food/beverage at the moment: Hm...Ritz crackers with melted cheddar cheese.

I am looking forward to: the Flights of Honor tomorrow.

I am reading: War Horse by Michael Morpurgo...I was told by a friend that it's even better than the movie, which I liked, so I'm seeing if I agree with her or not. :)

I am memorizing: I wish I could say Colossians, but that wouldn't be entirely true...I haven't been very faithful with my memorization lately. :-/

I am thinking: Too many things, I think. :P

Plans for the day: Today was my last day of clubs for the summer...sadness. But it was a good day despite that. My team went out for custard after club, then my siblings and I came home and watched a movie and ate homemade pizza with the rest of the family, and then we finished off the evening by a campfire my brother built where we roasted marshmallows for s'mores and enjoyed the stars. It was ver nice.

In my hair: I just showered, so it's just twisted up with a scrunchie. 

Most recently wrote: Many lists

I am thankful for: Children's ministry. The people in my life. All the ways God is working in my family right now--all this crazy stuff going on! Cool nights spent lying on a blanket by the fire, just enjoying life. Beautiful sunsets. And a whole host of other things. 

I am wearing: My PJs.

Latest gift listed in my notebook:

Christian self-help book I am currently reading: We just went to the library, and I haven't started a new one yet...

My surroundings: My bedroom. (The answer to this question has finally changed--hooray! :D)

I am craving: Um...sleep, I guess?

I should be: Probably sleeping. :P And also other productive sorts of things. But I'm not. Alas and alack.

Tomorrow I will: Run a few errands with a couple of my siblings, go through GNAA pictures with my sister (provided I can get mine to actually cooperate...a prospect which isn't looking very hopeful at the moment), and then going to the Flights of Honor with my family and some friends.

Book I am contemplating reading next: Think by John Piper? Maybe? I have lots to pick from at the moment.

Random fact about myself: I say "You know what?" a lot. Also "at the moment".

The weather is: Starting to feel like's been quite cool the last couple of days.

Any library books at the moment: Quite a few, yes.

Movie(s) I watched within the week: Thor.

Indignant about: The problems technology has been giving me lately. Especially anything to do with's been terribly frustrating. I think I shall go find a little cottage deep in the woods and become a technology-less hermit. Not really, but sometimes it's rather tempting.

Random movie/book quote that's running through my head: Shockingly enough, not a thing.

Scratchy pen or smooth pen: Pencil, at the moment, actually...

Last thing I threw away: A napkin, I believe.

Last book I bought/received: I don't's been a while.

I am wondering: About many things.

Song stuck in my head: *shudder* You don't want to know. 

Most recent crazy plan: Finding a little cottage deep in the woods and becoming a hermit ;)

Under the clip: The clip has disappeared under all this disorganized paperwork....that's a project for this weekend.

I learned today:

Because it was pretty much amazing.. :) 

Well, that brings another post-of-small-substance to a close. I honestly have no idea when I'll be posting again, but I suspect it won't be anytime soon. So, until next time!



  1. Hmm, I want to know what song it is now... ;)

  2., believe me, you don't. :P